There are a lot of aspects to consider as you select the appropriate home flooring. The most essential thing to consider is about who the users of your floors would be. For example, if you have a pet, it’s important to look for a flooring selection, which could resist the general deterioration caused by your pets. This is to help your flooring last longer. When you are a pet owner, you need to consider major factors as you choose your floorings such as your pet’s traction, comfort and it should be damage resistant and protected from stains and scratches. If you’re still unsure what to choose, below are some of the greatest flooring options for pet lovers like you:

Engineered Hardwood

In making sure that your hardwood flooring selection would be pet-friendly, it would be recommended to refer to a material with high ranking in terms of the hardness scale. You must particularly select wood varieties having a rating of 1250 or more. Other great selections for engineered hardwood flooring Peterborough Ontario are white oak or Brazilian cherry. To add more protection to this flooring, it would be best to have it coated with urethane to reduce the risk of being stained or scratched. This also helps to make your flooring last longer.


This is a material that’s widely used by homeowners who have pets since bamboo is naturally durable, making it both resistant to scratch and stain. The sturdiness of the bamboo is guaranteed due to its high flooring rating. Basically, the higher the rating of flooring, the more durable the wood is. Since this material is extremely durable, it could withstand the continuous scratches that your pet makes. Bamboo is also a material;, which is antimicrobial. Meaning, your property will be mold-free and free from some pollutants.


If you have an extremely active pet, choosing a laminate flooring would be the best thing to do. This material is quite resistant to scratch against the claws of your cat or dog since they are recognized for their amazingly sturdy top layer. Similar to bamboo, this material is very simple to maintain and resistant to stain. But it is important to remember that laminate is susceptible to creating a hollower and louder noise upon stepping on it. This only means that laminate flooring might amplify the footstep noise that your pet makes.

Now that you know some of the possible flooring options you can choose from, it would be recommended to employ a reputable and professional flooring service contractor to support and aid you in deciding which type of flooring would be great for your project. Know that our company started this industry for quite a long time. Because of this, we assure you that we have honed into a better company provided that we have gone through a lot of finished projects and experiences when it comes to professional commercial and residential floorings. Our dedicated flooring contractors are certified, bonded, and licensed. Your property will be safe in our hands. Contact us now to know more or visit our website and check out the services we proudly offer to our clients.